Questions to Consider

  • How does your child learn new things? (Tasks)
  • What does your child do that is the same as children without disabilities? (Standards)
  • What does your child need to do as much as they can like their non-disabled peers? (Supports)
  • What are the ways your child studies that results in the best grade? (Study Skills)
  • What are his/her favorite and least favorite subjects? (Academic Preferences – Strengths)
  • What works when you help them learn something new? (Strategies)
  • What is the place your child does his/her homework like? (Environment)
  • How much time do they spend on homework? (Efficiency)
  • How much do you have to help them to complete the assignment? (Independence)
  • What makes your child want to do something? (Motivates)
  • What are your child’s favorite things to do? (Activities)
  • What do you do to get your child to do something again? (Positive Reinforcement)
  • What does your child do when nobody tells him/her what to do? (Structure)
  • What does your child do when he/she is frustrated? (Self-Regulation)
  • What does your child do when he/she is angry? (Self-Management)
  • How does your child accept change? (Transition)
  • What does your child do to relax? (Self-Regulation and Self-Management)
  • What is it that makes you worry about your child? (Concerns)
  • Does your child need something special because of his/her disability? (Special Considerations)
  • How does your child get along with classmates/ friends (Social Skills)
  • What does your child really enjoy doing? (Preferences)
  • What makes your child smile?
  • What has worked?
  • What hasn’t?

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