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Success Story

Success Story: Parent Finds Validation And Support With Parent Network

By December 21, 2021No Comments

Before finding help at Parent Network of WNY, Claire and her family struggled with how to best meet their child Sully’s needs, who’s difficulties had only increased during the COVID-19 pandemic due to his compromised immune system.

However, during the global shutdown, Claire was encouraged by a friend to go to a Parent Network parent group for the Buffalo school district, and everything started to change. Talking with other parents and the staff from Parent Network, Claire found the validation and support that she needed to gain her confidence in regards to helping her son Sully. “There are great leaders at Parent Network, which facilitate conversations, validate feelings, teach skills, and keep things positive!” said Claire.

Things improved even more for Claire and her family once she took part in the Family Empowerment Series at Parent Network, where she learned all about the special education process, how to be an advocate for her child, and how to best keep paperwork, medications, and appointments organized in a way that allows for her to be the most effective caregiver she can be. Claire feels that the Family Empowerment Series has changed her family’s life for the better. Claire stated, “It was such an amazing experience for me that my husband plans on signing up next year to learn the same skill set!”

Now, Claire and her family are confident in Sully’s success moving forward because with Parent Network’s help Sully now has a better Individualized Education Program (IEP) in place for the upcoming school year. The family now has the knowledge, skills, and confidence in order to advocate for all of Sully’s needs. Claire said the Family Empowerment Series at Parent Network taught her, “If something is wrong, you know your kid, so keep asking, keep pushing, keeping advocating!”

claire, her husband, and three children