Talking About Learning Disabilities

How to talk with family and friends

Share information about your child’s LD with:

  • Siblings.
  • The larger family circle.
  • Friends of your family.
  • Your child’s friends.

Sharing information helps to build a larger network of support for your child while replacing harmful labels (dumb, lazy, inattentive) with terms that  describe talents and help to build self-esteem (learns differently, hard worker, creative thinker).

  • Keep information simple.
  • Avoid using educational jargon.
  • Identify positive ways they can support you and your child and reduce feelings of isolation.
  • Reinforce strengths, and find strategies for challenges

How to talk with a person who is responding negatively to my child

When someone responds inappropriately to your child’s behavior:

  • Don’t ignore it!
  • Interrupt by saying there is more to this than is evident and suggest another time to talk.
  • When you talk later, share information on your child’s learning disability and provide ideas on how they can help.
  • Also talk with your child about ways to respond to another person’s inappropriate words.

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