Talking About Learning Disabilities

How to talk with your child

Finding out there is a reason for their difficulties in school comes as a relief for most children. While they may know they are having trouble learning, they don’t know why or that other children also may have difficulties with learning.

  • Use unplanned, informal settings, like a drive in the car to talk.
  • Talk about learning differences gradually – little by little – one day, one week at a time.
  • Do more listening than talking and answer tough questions when asked.
  • Include your child’s strengths in every conversation.
  • Talk about learning differences in general.
  • Then talk about what specifically is difficult for your child.
  • Explain that sometimes difficulties in learning are called a “Learning Disability.”
  • You may want to look for age-appropriate books that feature children with LD having success.

How to help your child talk about having difficulties learning

Learning how to talk about a Learning Disability is the first step to being able to advocate now and in the future.

  • Model talking about your child’s learning difficulties by being matter-of-fact and positive.
  • Your child should:
    – Know both strengths and needs.
    – Begin learning how to ask for help.
  • Create a list of sentences to use:
    – “This is how I learn best.”
    – “I need more time to come up with the answer.”
    – “I need to have the question read to me.”
  • Encourage independence and making choices daily to build confidence.

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