COVID-19 Links & Resources

COVID-19 Links & Resources

COVID-19 Link Directory

Centers for Disease Control Guidelines
What You Need to Know About Coronavirus Fact Sheet
What to Do If You Are Sick Fact Sheet

Face Masks & Coverings
IEP Accommodations & Ideas for Masks
Article: Some autistic people can’t tolerate face masks. Here’s how we’re managing with our son
Helping people with autism spectrum disorder manage masks and COVID-19 tests

Federal Government Guidelines
SSI Families & COVID-19
COVID-19 Resources and Information for Schools & School Personnel
Questions & Answers on Services to Students with Disabilities During the Coronavirus Outbreak
Office of Civil Rights Coronavirus Fact Sheet

Learning from Home
EPIC Academy
Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) ‘Continuity of Learning During COVID-19’
Hear Experts Talk Child Development & Screen Time for Kids
150 Homeschooling Resources for Parents | OT | PT | Special Education | All Subjects
Virtual Tours & Field Trips for Children
Education Companies Offering Free Subscriptions Amid School Closings
Resources for Families During the Coronavirus Pandemic
The 10 Best Educational YouTube Channels for Kids
6 Places to Find Free Audio Books for Kids
Scholastic Learn At Home
Distance Learning for K-2 Students

Mental Health
COVID-19 Mental Health Resources for Families
Stay Calm During Coronavirus Outbreak
Helping You and Your Family Cope with COVID-19

New York State Guidelines
Interim Guidance: Use of an Informed Consent Committee for Consent to the COVID-19 Vaccine NEW!
OPWDD Message from the Commissioner Regarding Influenza
Supplement #2: Provision of Services to Students With Disabilities During COVID-19 School Closures
Supplement #3: Provision of Services to Students With Disabilities During COVID-19 School Closures  
OPWDD Coronavirus Guidance 
New York State Department of Health Coronavirus Webpage
Contact Your Local Health Department
NYSED Coronavirus Page
OPWDD Guidelines for Home Visits, Outings and Day Programs- Easy Read 
NYSED Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing: Reopening Guidance  

Miscellaneous Resources
National Deaf Center – COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions
Coronavirus: 16 times more lethal for kids with intellectual disabilities
YouTube Video: Kids Talk COVID-19
Supporting Individuals with Autism through Uncertain Times
Center for Parent Information and Resources, Coronavirus Resources
Plain Language Information on Coronavirus for Individuals with Disabilities
10 Fun Indoor Activities
Tips & Resources for Staying Safe & Healthy in the Time of COVID
Free & Confidential Link to Health & Human Services
Latest Information About Coronavirus
20 Learning Activities to Keep Kids Busy At Home 
Legal FAQs About Coronavirus & School Closings in Special Education
Accessible Work From Home Tools 
Helping Children Learn From Home
Coronavirus & Down Syndrome

Tips for Summer Learning
Khan Academy: Recommended summer activities
Khan Academy: Camp Khan program overview
Khan Academy: Keep Kids Learning this summer with Camp Khan Kids!
Khan Academy Video: Find joy in learning: 
Khan Academy Video: The future of work
Khan Academy Video: Societal change


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