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Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Overview - In this workshop participants will learn about Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) and will discuss how and why Autism Spectrum Disorders are diagnosed and by whom. The workshop will also cover learning styles, recent research and ways to promote success at home, school and in the community.

Developmental Disabilities (DD) -  Specific disorders that may occur anytime from before a baby’s birth, up until the age of 22. A developmental disability condition may cause a child to develop more slowly all along, or to have physical difficulties and limitations, or have trouble learning and growing like other children in general. In this course we discuss the services available and the eligibility process.

NEW! Functional Behavior Assessments (FBA) - Behavior! Are you and your child stuck doing the same thing again and again without a positive change? Join us to learn about the school’s responsibility to find out the cause

NEW! Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) - Behavior! Now you know the cause of a challenging behavior… What’s next? Join us to find out to find out the process for creating a Behavior Intervention Plan.

NEW! Individualized Education Plan (IEP) PLan
- Are you part of the planning team for your child? Register today to learn how your child’s education program is just for them. Become confident as a partner creating your child’s IEP.

Learning Disabilities Celebrating the Whole Child - A workshop for families on meeting the emotional needs of children with learning disabilities.

NEW! Live, Learn, Work & Play - These four parts of our lives make our days go round. Young adults often need help finding a way to fill their days. Register today to learn how to make sure they have the correct services and supports to reach their goals.

NEW! Pathways to Graduation with Credentials - Credentials, credentials… Register today to learn the difference between a Career Development Occupational Studies Commencement Credential (CDOS Credential) and the Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential.

NEW! Pathways to Graduation and Diploma Options - Diplomas, diplomas, diplomas... Join us and discover the different types, their requirements, and the opportunities they can give students after high school graduation.

NEW! Preparing for Life After High School - Big changes, big adventures, big opportunities ahead!!! Are your “t”’s crossed and your “I”’s dotted? Join this webinar to learn strategies to make sure you are prepared and ready for the next stage of your young adult’s life, ADULTHOOD!

Understanding Special Education - What is special education and where do you start? Participants will learn the steps in the special education process and learn what to expect at meetings of the Committee on Special Education (CSE) (Preschool - CPSE). Families will learn to be an active part of the process and walk away with resources for the future.

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