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Whether your child is going back to school remotely, in the classroom or a hybrid of both, Parent Network of WNY is here to provide you with resources to help navigate your new normal.

In-Class Resources:
Social Distancing Challenges: Tips to Help Kids at School
Daily Schedules to Add Structure to Your Child’s Day
Communicating With a Face Mask: What Colleges Need to Know for Deaf Students 

Remote Learning Resources:
Family Guide to At-Home Learning 
Distance Learning Survival Guide for Parents and Caregivers
Tips For Setting up a Productive Learning Space at Home
Virtual IEP Meeting Tip Sheets 
Sample Virtual Meeting Agenda English | Spanish
Infographic: Participating in Virtual Meetings English | Spanish

In-Class & Remote Learning Hybrid Resources:
How to Get Your Child Ready for Learning at Home
Your Role in Supporting Your Child’s Learning
Supporting Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back-to-School: A Four-Week Plan for a Great Start
5 Great Grade School Books About Kids Who Learn Differently
Get Ready for Grade Level Courses
Child Won’t Follow a Routine or Schedule? Try These 5 Tips
Picture Schedules for Daily Routines
8 Ways to Make School Morning Routines Easier
Organization Download: Resources for Families
NYSM Portal to Online Educational Resources & Activities

New York State Guidance:
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding the Provision of Services to Students with Disabilities During the 2020-21 School Year
Parental Right to Decline Examination Waivers December 2020 NEW!
Regents Examination Declination Form for Parents December 2020 NEW!


Federal Guidance:
U.S. Office of Educational Technology Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide
Questions and Answers for K-12 Public Schools in the Current Covid-19 Environment:

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