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Whether your child is going back to school remotely, in the classroom or a hybrid of both, Parent Network of WNY is here to provide you with resources to help navigate your new normal.

In-Class Resources:
Social Distancing Challenges: Tips to Help Kids at School
Daily Schedules to Add Structure to Your Child’s Day
Communicating With a Face Mask: What Colleges Need to Know for Deaf Students 

Remote Learning Resources:
Family Guide to At-Home Learning 
Distance Learning Survival Guide for Parents and Caregivers
Tips For Setting up a Productive Learning Space at Home
Virtual IEP Meeting Tip Sheets 
Sample Virtual Meeting Agenda English | Spanish
Infographic: Participating in Virtual Meetings English | Spanish

In-Class & Remote Learning Hybrid Resources:
Ways to Support Learning for Your Child Who Has a Disability  
How to Support Your Child Socially and Emotionally
Tips for Supporting Your Child in Math
Tips for Supporting Your Child in Reading
How to Find Out What Your Child Should Be Learning During School Closures
How to Get Your Child Ready for Learning at Home
Your Role in Supporting Your Child’s Learning
Supporting Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Back-to-School: A Four-Week Plan for a Great Start
5 Great Grade School Books About Kids Who Learn Differently
Get Ready for Grade Level Courses
Wide Open Schools
Child Won’t Follow a Routine or Schedule? Try These 5 Tips
Picture Schedules for Daily Routines
8 Ways to Make School Morning Routines Easier
Organization Download: Resources for Families
NYSM Portal to Online Educational Resources & Activities

New York State Guidance:
Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Regarding the Provision of Services to Students with Disabilities During the 2020-21 School Year
Parental Right to Decline Examination Waivers December 2020 NEW!
Regents Examination Declination Form for Parents December 2020 NEW!

Federal Guidance:
U.S. Office of Educational Technology Parent and Family Digital Learning Guide
Questions and Answers for K-12 Public Schools in the Current Covid-19 Environment:
My child says she doesn’t like online learning. How can I help? 
How can I help my elementary child stay focused during online learning?

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