Transition Planning is way a student with a disability can move smoothly from school to post-school activities (the areas of live, learn, work and play).

The activities are meant to help the student develop skills for continued education (college), vocational training (trades), employment (supported/competitive), adult services (programs), independent living and participating in the community. Activities should be based on the expressed future goals of the student including the development of the necessary skills that are needed for success in achieving those goals.

Transition to Adulthood (Ages 13+)

Adult Systems & Services:

ACCES-VR – New York State Department of Education – Buffalo district Adult Career and Continuing Ed Services.

Office for People with Developmental Disabilities – Career opportunities for people with disabilities.

Social Security Administration – Assistance with social security. 

Social Security Disability Resource Center – Requirements and resources for people with disabilities.

Money Management:

Money management is a process that helps you balance your income with your needs, wants and future goals.  It is important to keep track of your checking, other bank accounts and purchases you make using credit cards.  This helps ensure that what you spend is not more than your income.

It is important to teach students with disabilities the value of money and skills to manage it.  There are many resources available to help.

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth – Financial literacy information for young people with disabilities 

Practical Money Skills – Financial knowledge that can empower people to better manage their money and improve their quality of life.

ProsperiKey – Living pay check to pay check? Prosperi-Key can help cover the basics. 

Self Advocacy:

Self Advocacy Association of New York State (SANYS) – provides numerous resources for our self-advocates

Transition Planning:

Career Zone – Explore career paths and resources related to your strengths, skills, and talents.

My Next Move – Directory tool to help you find you next career. 

Supplemental Security Income Guide – What you need to know about your supplemental security income (SSI) when you turn 18. 

Transition Post-Secondary Education/Training:

Center for Parent Information and Resources – Online resource library for parents.

National Alliance on Mental Illness – Starting the conversation – College and your mental health.  

Western New York Collegiate Consortium of Disability Advocates – Focusing on the preparation of students with disabilities for transition from high school to college. 

Transition to Employment:

Job Accommodation Network (JAN) – Information on workplace accommodations, assistive technology, and accessibility. 

National Collaborative on Workforce and Disability for Youth – Financial literacy information for young people with disabilities

Transition to Independent Living:

Center for Parent Information and Resources – Independent living checklist for IEP teams. 

Tenant Resource Center – Renting with disabilities. 

Western New York Independent Living, Inc. – Independent living centers and resources for families. 

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