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To help young adults with disabilities and their families, especially in underserved communities, to access and navigate vocational rehabilitation and other public systems that can help with financial stability, meaningful employment, and postsecondary education.

REAL Transition Partners is jointly managed by SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (NJ), Federation for Children with Special Needs (MA), and New York State Transition Partners (INCLUDEnyc, Parent Network of WNY, Starbridge). Providing information, training and technical assistance, and support to youth and young adults with disabilities and their families.

REAL provides a variety of innovative and responsive services, support, and information that enables youth and young adults with disabilities and their families to:

  • access information about the Rehabilitation Act (RA)
  • navigate multiple programs and service systems
  • actively participate in the development of useful, relevant, and meaningful plans for independence
  • collaborate with transition professionals as leaders to help youth impacted by disability achieve their goals

These services:

  • are designed with and involve diverse youth/young adults with disabilities and their families
  • highlight the region’s strengths and collaborative spirit, and evolve as needs and contexts change
  • occur through a regional Community of Practice that enhances participating Parent Center capacity, reach, and partnerships around transition and adult service systems

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