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We are here to support families and professionals to empower individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.

Thank you for reaching out to us every day. Below you will find our recent Success Stories in the form of articles, videos and testimonials from parents, caregivers and professionals.

Latest Success Stories


“Parent Network has changed my life for the better! Your class on Autism taught me how to better understand my child’s autism and how to navigate my child’s life as well in assisting with his behaviors. I truly was unaware and did not understand how my son’s brain was able to process his thoughts and feelings, until I completed your parenting class on Autism. I truly appreciate the information and resources that you have provided me with in my search for assistance.”
– Anonymous

“I wanted to try to understand what to expect, what to do, what not to do, any and everything I needed to know and that’s when I found Parent Network. I was amazed at the number of trainings and resources available online that related to autism. The moment you open Parent Network’s website, you realize this is the one-stop-shop for resources, support, and programs related to all disabilities. Parent Network is the 411 service for the disability community. This is exactly what I needed in that moment to even begin to understand what my life journey was intended to be.”
– Whitney W. 

“As a parent, one of the worst feelings is helplessness. I reached this point recently with my daughter’s school district. I knew what was best for my daughter and I had her doctors backing. The school district was refusing to provide the services she needed. Parent Network of WNY helped me more than I ever expected. From the very first call I made to them, they listened and took me seriously. They sprang into action and helped me make a plan. They set me up with the appropriate state agencies to speak with. Within a week of speaking to them my problem was solved and my daughter was receiving the services I knew she deserved. I am so thankful for the Parent Network of WNY for helping me when I needed it the most!”
– Amy C. 

“I learned how to be a better parent and to teach my kids in a positive way to respect me and to help out with chores and homework without any arguing. We value each other and how we relate to daily routines in a whole new way. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is as a mom to NOT be the “yeller” anymore. Thank you Joe Clem and Parent Network for this life changing class.”
– Lisa B. Attended Nurtured Heart Approach

“The classes gave me knowledge and courage to be an advocate for my daughter. She’s doing very well. She’s living in a group home, working three days a week at Cantalician Workshop and going to day-hab two days a week.”
– Anonymous

“I signed up for the Parent Leadership series because I wanted to continue to help advocate for my son as well as help other parents to learn how to advocate for their children as well.”
– Ebony Davis-Martin

“From here on out as a direct result of this leadership program I have decided to go to D’Youville and get my masters in dietetics so that I can officially tell people how to change their lifestyle through nutrition by becoming a registered dietician.”
– Shakira Martin

“Thank you. The [information] forms are just what we need and will allow us the opportunity to be an equal partner with the CSE team in advocating for their daughter’s future. You have to love the people at Parent Network, a great community resource that is ready to facilitate and help whatever the need is. As a parent of a child with disabilities and as an advocate you are always my first resource.”
– A Parent Advocate

“My wife, is a part of a virtual woman’s bible study group. She recently sent a Parent Network newsletter via email to a woman in the group who lives in Costa Rica. The woman has a son with a disability and she reported back to my wife that she really connected to one of the links provided in the newsletter and it was an  extremely helpful resource to have.”
– A Parent Advocate

“I thought ‘you know everything to this point with my daughter has seemed to be a fight with the school’ and maybe through participation in this project I can learn how to fight with a little more tact, and perhaps not be so adversarial, and luckily I found that.  One of the biggest things I found in participating was to fight with passion but not emotion and you seem to get a little bit further with the things you’re trying to advocate for your child.”
– Jennifer Mazur

“As a professional who serves individuals and families of children and adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities I/DD, I cannot speak highly enough to the value of Parent Network’s support and assistance to families in our communities. I regularly partner with PNWNY, on projects related to support, advocacy, and education. We recently collaborated on a family support webinar: Reopening Schools, and How to Best Advocate for Your Student with Special Needs During the Pandemic. Their team is quick to share resources and information that benefit those whom we mutually serve. PNWNY is a staple of the special needs service community.”
– Alan Venesky

“The Parent Leadership program has really helped me network and create a friend and family bond with other parents who have children with disabilities.”
– Michelle Horn

“The Parent Leadership program has really helped me network and create a friend and family bond with other parents who have children with disabilities.”
– Michelle Horn

“I have attended over 15 workshops and believe me it has made a difference. I feel now that I can advocate for my son and he can advocate for himself. If I did not attend these workshops, I do not know what I would have done to assist my son in his education. He is now doing great in school and at home.

I am so grateful for the Parent Network organization as a CSE parent member, along with my husband, we share the good news with every parent that we come in contact with and the importance of getting involved and learning as much as you can.”
– Dr. Pamela A.

“Thank you Parent Network. You are an incredible support and resource for parents.”
– Rosemary A.

“It’s just amazing to see all this passion that has been displayed for the things that we want to see happen in the WNY area that affect the disabilities community.”
– Latoya Ranselle

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