Military and Veteran Families

Military and Veteran Families

Military and Veteran Families
Military family together
Active Military Families without Borders

In Western New York (WNY), military connected families do not live behind the gates or walls of a typical base. Instead, families are spread over eight counties without the confines of structure and support. Currently, 21 Active Military Units serve at approximately nine different locations throughout WNY. Military service connected children attend civilian schools that may not understand their home life or military connected services such as the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), which provides comprehensive support to families when a child has a physical, developmental, emotional or mental disorder requiring specialized services.

Veteran Families

During transition, most military related services or benefits will switch to the civilian version. The effects of adjustment to changes can be overwhelming and go unrecognized. It can be a challenge to find help and resources, which in return can make you feel isolated and alone.

Parent Network of Western New York is identified as one of two Community Parent Resource Centers (CPRCs) in New York State by Branch, Military Parent Technical Assistance Center.  If you have concerns or need support connect with Parent Network’s one on one support team at (716) 332-4175