Tree with leaves that are handprints
Tree with leaves that are handprints
Tree with leaves that are handprints
Tree with leaves that are handprints
Tree with leaves that are handprints
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Proudly serving all 8 counties of Western New York.

We provide families and individuals with special needs the tools and knowledge to flourish today and tomorrow.

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Supporting families and professionals to empower individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential.

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Download our Current Calendar of Events!

Check back weekly and download our current events calendar! ...
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group of children standing in front of their teacher who is smiling

3rd Annual Family Engagement Conference! 12/5

When families, schools, and communities work together, partnership happen. ...
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boy sitting at a desk with his head in his hands looking upset

Functional Behavior Assessment – 10/15

Participants will learn about the Functional Behavior Process and how to help students with challenging behaviors through the Special Education Process. ...
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two students studying

Understanding Special Education – 10/16

Designed to help families learn how to take an active role in the education process, this class provides useful resources for the future. ...
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student looking over shoulder

Understanding the Individualized Education Program (IEP) Process – 10/21

Review tips and tools to help you gain confidence and to become more involved in the planning and creation of your child's IEP. ...
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young girl in a black & white striped shirt at desk in school with her head resting on her hands and she is smiling.

Speak- Up! Skills for Effective Advocacy & How to Prepare for Meetings - 10/23

The class will provide you with tips on how to be prepared and organized. You will learn how to be a powerful advocate (someone who speaks up). ...
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The Parent Network of WNY is closer than you think.

With 275+ Learning Events available online or in-person, our extended services provide guidance and support to meet your unique needs.

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