Adaptive Theatre, Dance & Vocals Workshop

THE ATA THEATRE & ACADEMY OF THEATRE ARTS Fundamentals of Musical Theatre – for Adults with Developmental Disabilities This one-hour class allows adults with developmental disabilities to begin learning all that is a part of musical theatre. During this class students will learn vocals, dancing,and acting through many fun and exciting theatre exercises. This class

HOT TOPIC! What is an Exit Summary – Part 2

Young woman holding books

Students receiving Special Education services will receive an Exit Summary upon graduation. This is meant to be a description of the student’s overall current skills, abilities, limitations and needs. Academic achievement and functional performance should show the student’s current level of performance, strengths, abilities, interests and needs in subject (i.e math, reading) and skill (i.e.

Erie County Department of Social Services Announces Fatherhood Connection

Father with daughter on his back

Parenting and Personal Development for Fathers and Father Figures ERIE COUNTY, NY— The Erie Department of Social Services has announced Fatherhood Connection: Men’s Parenting and Personal Development Group.  This 13 week series of classes empowers men of any age, fathers, and father figures to be better parents to the children in their lives.  The Fatherhood

HOT TOPIC! What is an Exit Summary? Part 1

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Every student receiving Special Education services leaving school with one of the following will receive an exit summary: Diploma Skills and Achievement Commencement Credential (SACC) Career Development and Occupational Studies (CDOS) High School Equivalency Diploma (TASC) The Student Exit Summary should be completed during the final year of high school but must be completed and

Cartoon in the works featuring heroes with disabilities

There is a new cartoon in the works for kids with disabilities. It’s called “Team Supreme.” Each member has an individual superpower, and it’s tied to their disability. The cartoon is still in the beginning stages. One character, Zeek, has autism. His power is the ability to slow time down to a snail’s pace, and

Transition Age Youth and Mental Health Resources

Recently Parent Network had the honor and privilege to host a Webinar for New York State Transition Partners on Transition Age Youth and Mental Health Resources. Our guest speaker was Karl Shallowhorn, Director of Community Advocacy for the Mental Health Association of Erie County and Compeer Buffalo. He is a New York State Credentialed Alcoholism and