Explicit Instruction

About Explicit Instruction

What is Explicit Instruction and how will it benefit your child? Explicit Instruction is a way of teaching your child to improve their academic and behavioral outcomes. Learn how to use elements of Explicit Instruction within your family to support your child’s learning both inside and outside of school!

In School

  • The teacher shows and explains why the lesson is important to the students.
  • Then, the teacher moves through three stages of instruction I Do, We Do, You Do: showing and explaining, working together, and finally working independently.
  • Give many chances for students to show and explain what they know throughout the lesson and in a variety of ways (partner, small group, whole group, individually, spoken responses, written responses, whiteboards, voting, group responses, thumbs up, etc.)

Explicit Instruction is one of the best ways to teach ALL students.

At Home

  • Explain to your child why it is important to learn the skill or task.
  • Show your child exactly what you want them to do, step-by-step, not skipping any steps (ie: putting away toys, craft materials, etc.). You may have to do this for multiple items.
  • Follow the I Do , We Do, You Do method: let me show you, now let’s do it together, show me what you can do on your own (each step may have to be done multiple times).
  • Include a photo of what you expect the direction to look like when your child is finished (pets fed and watered, room cleaned, breakfast made, etc).
  • Make the steps to complete the task visual (picture and/or words). Use clear and simple language.
  • Pause to allow your child time to process what you are saying and doing.
  • Provide encouragement for steps that are done correctly. Using a calm tone of voice, SHOW and explain any incorrect steps as they are happening.

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