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Employee Appreciation Day: A Special Message from Executive Director, Kimberly Kadziolka

By March 3, 2023No Comments

Today is Employee Appreciation Day and I wanted to take the time to celebrate each employee we are so privileged to have on board at Parent Network, to also do this publicly to share with our community just how great our team is.  We may be a small staff in numbers, but we are huge in the work we do and the reach we have across Western New York.  Last year our staff provided more than 5000 services to children and families with disabilities, and educators and professionals in our community.

The staff of Parent Network of WNY carry out the work of the organization with knowledge and professionalism, but what sets them apart is the compassion in which these services are provided. Our staff bring personal knowledge to their work that translates into empathy, sincerity, and authenticity in every service provision. 

I am so proud to be part of Parent Network of WNY.  When I joined the team last June, I knew right away I was the lucky one.  I appreciate each and every one of the staff for their individual contributions to the organization and the WNY community. 

PN staff
Our staff working together to brainstorm different events and services to offer to families in 2023.
PN staff and pumpkins
Our staff participating in a pumpkin carving contest in 2022.
PN staff and christmas sweaters
Our staff participating in a Ugly Christmas Sweater Challenge 2022.
PN staff at michigan street
Our staff visiting the African American Heritage Corridor on Michigan Street in Buffalo, NY in 2023.
pn staff at freedom wall
Our staff visiting the Freedom Wall on East Ferry Street in Buffalo, NY to celebrate Black History Month in 2023.
pn staff love bills
Our staff are HUGE BILLS FANS!!! #BillsMafia
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