Guide to Finding Helpful Resources for NYS Families of Teens & Young Adults with Behavioral Health Challenges

To-Do Resources
Find Office of Mental Health resources

Resources to get started in your community

OMH’s searchable directory of New York State mental health programs by type, location, and service

Educate yourself about substance use disorder and the types of care available

General information about substance use disorder treatment along with answers to frequently asked questions about treatment options and additional resources

NYS recovery resources

Learn about transition resources in NYS

Helpful transition resources from NYS Department of Mental Health

Multiple Systems Navigator has a wealth of information, tips, and guidance for transition across systems in NYS

Directory of Transition and Youth Services Statewide Team at ACCES-VR

Guide to using ACCES-VR transition services

NY Mental Health Association guide for Transition Age Youth

NYS Transition Partners website with resources and tip sheets

Find family support and resources

Local resources directories from Regional Parent Advisors

Contact your NYS OMH Regional Parent Advisor to find out about family support services within your region

The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is a national leader in advocacy for people with mental illness. Click here to find your local affiliate.

Families Together in NYS is a family-run organization that represents families of children with social, emotional, behavioral, and cross-systems challenges

In New York City, the Mental Health Association’s Family Resource Centers work to reduce the isolation of parenting a child with mental health challenges

Find help for young adults with serious behavioral health issues and psychiatric disabilities

Intensive and coordinated mental health services are provided through New York State’s Children’s Single Point of Access (CSPOA) program for eligible children to age 21 and a Single Point of Access (SPOA) program for eligible people over 21. Click here for a full list of all the SPOA agencies and contacts in the State.

Your clinician must be involved and help with the application process. Your young adult must have a Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and additional risk factors.

Recipients can access residential, case management, and Assertive Community Treatment (AOT) services through the SPOA application, and employment supports and peer advocacy services are being added for youth. Click here to contact your local mental health department for more information.

Find self-advocacy resources for teens and young adults Youth Power is an organization for people ages 12-29 who live in New York State and have been labeled with a mental health or substance abuse disorder

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