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Honoring Joe Gardella, Jr., Ph.D.

By December 21, 2022No Comments

Joe Gardella has recently retired after his dedicated career of 40 years as a SUNY distinguished professor in chemistry at the University at Buffalo.

Joe graduated with his Doctorate degree from the University at Pittsburgh in 1981 and did his post doctorate research in Utah for 1 year before coming to Buffalo. He had previously worked at the National Science Foundation in 1989-1990. In the 90’s, Joe became a leader in his field while designing and teaching service learning courses.

Over Joe’s career, he has worked with and helped the Seneca-Babcock Community along with many other community groups in need in the WNY area. Joe has also worked closely with international students, community members and leaders, and many others on various environmental projects.

Joe has won numerous awards over the time of his career that he is incredibly proud of. St. Joseph’s Catholic Church’s pastor awarded Joe in 2004 with the Newman Award. In 2005, U.S. President George W. Bush awarded Joe the Presidential award for mentoring. He has a huge passion for mentoring and has mentored hundreds of individuals throughout his career. He also was an advisor for 58 students who received Doctorate degrees, about 30 students who received Master degrees, and several thousand undergraduates over his career.

Joe is proud and grateful he has been able to work with many amazing individuals and students throughout his career.

Congratulations Joe on your amazing and rewarding career and Happy Retirement!

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