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HOT TOPIC! Making Transitions Stick – Part 2

By February 27, 2018November 12th, 2021No Comments

How can parents help?

Planning for when school is over and the bus stops coming is a challenge, you may ask yourself questions like:

  • how do we address safety concerns?
  • where do we go for help?

These questions are your first step in helping; by asking the questions you can get answers and make the plan that will best meet the needs of your young adult.

Start at Home! Home is where most of our experiences and opportunities are when growing and learning how to be adults. Give your young adult responsibilities around the home. Every member of the family should contribute to the daily household. This will help prepare them for when they move out on their own one day.

Stay active in their schooling those final years! Make sure you have a plan and goals in place for when they exit school. Ask questions at their meetings and make sure the young adult is involved in the decision making process about their future (Nothing about me without me!). Ask the school for the most recent records and documentation, you will need them for adult services.

Dignity of Failure

Yes, you read that correctly…Young adults need to fail in order to learn from their mistakes. The best mistakes surround your young adult with a support system, but let them take the lead, let them try. If it does not work out or go well, you can then use it as a learning experience. Talk to your young adult about what could be done differently next time, perhaps it is there an adult system that could provide support or do you need to come up with a better plan. The first step to success is trying!

You can do it!

Remember you are not alone! Be informed, ask questions, reach out to your supports and everything will work out in the end. Planning, taking step by step, and making adjustments when needed is what will lead to self-determined, motivated, productive, self-sufficient young adults that achieve their goals.

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