Learning Disabilities and Success In Life

Research shows that working on the following skills with children who have learning disabilities leads to more success as an adult.

Help your child to:

  • Become self-aware by helping to list his strengths, weaknesses, and special talents both in school and outside of school.
  • Become self-confident. You can build self-confidence by helping your child to build success at home, encourage favorite activities and by helping to make progress at school.
  • Learn to advocate (ask for what you need to be successful). Help to make a list of statements to use.
  • Learn how to make decisions and take action to achieve goals. Talk about taking responsibility for choices.
  • Build perseverance. Your child can learn to keep going despite challenges and delays. Help to build flexibility and also help with changes in plans when things are not working.
  • Set goals. Set short and long term goals together, write a timeline and make adjustments as needed. By learning when to modify the goal or adjust the timeline, your child can increase successes.
  • Learn how to ask for help. Work together to build and use a support system. Practice by role-playing asking for help from friends, teachers, relatives.
  • Learn how to handle stress. Use words to identify feelings and help your child learn to recognize specific feelings. Find activities that reduce stress.

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