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NYS Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board Seeks to Promote Awareness & Inclusion of People With Autism With a New Neurodiversity Flag

By September 11, 2022No Comments

As part of their mission to foster awareness and celebrate the contributions of neurodiverse New Yorkers, the NYS Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board is inviting people to submit ideas for a symbol for a flag to celebrate neurodiverse New Yorkers. 

Symbols and flags can inspire pride and confidence within a community and a neurodiversity flag can serve as a statement that the societal contributions of neurodiverse people should be recognized and celebrated. Various symbols and flags currently represent autism and neurodiversity around the globe.

During the next public meeting the Board will discuss and review the submissions and explain the process for letting people choose their favorite. Anyone can submit a design to the Board for consideration. The designs will be posted on the Board’s webpage with instructions on how members of the public can choose their favorite design. People with lived experience with neurodiversity are encouraged to submit designs and vote for the design that they feel best represents them.

If you or someone you may know has a flag design idea, please send the following information to by September 23, 2022:

  1. A PDF, photo, or scanned copy of the design (in the shape of a flag)
  2. Your name, phone number, and email address or other preferred method of contact
  3. A short caption describing your design and what it means to you. This description will be included with the design in the public input period.

To ensure full participation in the flag design and selection process, in the weeks ahead, the Board will communicate this opportunity in additional languages. The next public meeting of the NYS Autism Spectrum Disorders Advisory Board will be held on Tuesday, October 4

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