504 Plan

What do you do if your child needs extra help to be successful in school but does not qualify for Special Education? Ask about a 504 Plan! This plan develops accommodations and services, which are necessary for your child to participate fully in their education.

Ask yourself, your doctor or your teacher:

  • Does your child have a disability or health condition that limits their ability to perform everyday life activities?
  • Does this prevent them from participating fully in their education?

Step 1 – Referral

  • If you think that your child requires reasonable accommodations due to a disability, write a letter to your school principal and ask for a 504 Plan to be considered.
  • Keep a copy of the request for your records.

Step 2 – Individual Evaluation

  • A school team completes an evaluation to determine if your child has an impairment which limits a major life activity (seeing, hearing, walking, learning, etc.).
  • After finishing the evaluation the district will schedule a team meeting to determine if the child is eligible for a 504 plan (Parents/ family members are part of the team).
  • The school must notify parents of location and time this meeting will be held so they can attend.

Step 3 – Writing the 504 plan

  •  When a child is eligible, the team must develop a plan.
  • The 504 Plan includes the services and accommodations that allow the student to equally participate in school programs and activities.

Step 4 – Reviewing the 504 plan

  • The school district will review the plan yearly to make sure the correct accommodations and services are being provided to the student and review the student’s progress to decide if the plan is still necessary.

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