Career Plan in New York State

Starting in ninth grade, the Career Plan is part of the documentation required for students working toward a CDOS Credential. It is used to track and update student engagement annually in the career planning process over the school year throughout high school.

The Career Plan looks at five different areas:

  • personal data
  • review of the student career plan
  • review of the student’s knowledge
  • review of student’s skills/application
  • review of student’s experience from the current school year to see what they have learned about themselves to help make future decisions

Each section is used to help develop a plan when it comes to the student’s goals, skills, and interests around a career. The student is the most important person in the planning process as the career plan is used in the development of the career goal.

It will be completed each year-end from freshman to senior years of high school to show the process of career planning. The student’s stated preferences and interests on a career plan must be reviewed and addressed and considered with the Individualized Education Program (IEP) development.

Career Plan Sections Description of each Section
Personal data Basic identification information
Review of Student Career Plan A way to track the annual review includes grade, date, and who participated in the review process
Knowledge Every year student is asked the same questions to help see the growth and the areas that stay the same
A. Self-Knowledge Answering the ‘Who am I’ question
1.  Interests
a.   Personal
b.   Academic
c.   Work Preference
a.   Personal interests outside of school
b.   Classes/subjects that they enjoy
c.   Do they see themselves working with people, ideas, or things
2.  Abilities
a.   Personal
b.   Career Areas

a.   What do they see themselves being good at or where do they see their strengths

b.   After thinking and exploring what career area do they see themselves working in the future

Career Plan Sections Description of each Section
3.  Personal and Academic Areas I Need to Strengthen
a.   I need to strengthen
b.   Steps I Will Take

a.   What do the students see as an area of need or improvement in themselves

b.   How does the student plan on improving their expressed areas of need

B. Career Exploration Looking at different careers and student area of interest and learning new skills while experiencing opportunities
1.  School and/or Community Experiences
a.   Experiences
b.   Skills acquired

a.   What experiences have they had this year and was it in school or in the community

b.   What skills did they develop well having these experiences

2.  Work Experiences
a.   Experiences
b.   Skills acquired
a.   What work experiences/internship/work-based learning did the student do this year
b.   What skills did they learn as an employee in training that will help in the future
3.  Career of Interest and Characteristics
a.   Careers
b.   Education Requirements
c.   Skills I Need
d.   Work Environment
e.   Job Outlook
a.- e. Looking at a specific career and really investigating what it takes to work in that area. After doing research being able to answer some basic questions around what is involved with that career
C. Future Goals and Decision Making How do I get to my goals and make the best decision for me
1.   Career Goals and Action Steps
a.   Goals
b.   Education Plan
c.   Action Steps
d.   Check Of Completed
a.   Based on the research what is the carrier goal
b.   What type of classes should the student take that helps with the chosen goal
c.   What am I going to have to do to reach the goals
d.   A way to acknowledge the steps that have been completed
2.  Skills/Application
a.   Skills
b.   Beginning Level
c.   Final Level

2. What do I need to know, what skills are important, how can I use them

a.- c Specific job skills, what was their initial/starting skill knowledge and after an experience what is their current skill level

3.  Culminating Activity
a.   Activity
b.   Self-Knowledge/Future Plans
Describe the activity and what was learned about yourself (the student) and how has this experience influenced the future goal


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