Cartoon in the works featuring heroes with disabilities

There is a new cartoon in the works for kids with disabilities.

It’s called “Team Supreme.” Each member has an individual superpower, and it’s tied to their disability.

The cartoon is still in the beginning stages.

One character, Zeek, has autism. His power is the ability to slow time down to a snail’s pace, and retain large amounts of information in no time at all.

Other members of Team Supreme include Thumper, who was born prematurely and has hearing loss, Shock, who was hit by a car and lost his arm, Li, who was born blind, Red, who lives with albinism and Mech, who became paralyzed after surviving polio.

The characters are able to capitalize on what they do have to take down the villains. For example, even though Li is blind, she has supersonic hearing.

The cartoon’s creator, Josh Leonard, is getting ready to launch a Kickstart campaign. He wants to raise $25,000 to make the first episode.

One that is done, he will pitch it to companies like Netflix.

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