Episode Four: All About IEPs

  Individualized Education Plans are a very powerful tool. Katie explains the ins and outs of IEP process, the different parts of the document, and how to use your student’s IEP to improve her/his educational outcomes. Visit parentnetworkwny.org,for fact sheets and webinars. Materials were referenced from understood.org. Written and produced by Parent Network of WNY,

Episode Three:  Effective Communication With Your Professional Team at School

  It makes a difference when a parent or caregiver can connect and relate with the professionals that are involved with their child’s day-to-day routine. Have you ever wondered how to make this happen? We talk about the study from John Hopkins University: For Students to Succeed, Family Engagement is Key The benefits are wonderful

Episode Two:  My Child Has a Disability. Now What?

  Where do we start? How do I access resources? What do all these acronyms mean? We’re here to help you start your journey and give you a sturdy foundation of understanding. 13 Classification Fact Sheet, Special Education Workshop and several other free webinars available on www.parentnetworkwny.org Many helpful resources including “Understanding Special Education” available

HOT TOPIC! What is an Exit Summary – Part 2

Young woman holding books

Students receiving Special Education services will receive an Exit Summary upon graduation. This is meant to be a description of the student’s overall current skills, abilities, limitations and needs. Academic achievement and functional performance should show the student’s current level of performance, strengths, abilities, interests and needs in subject (i.e math, reading) and skill (i.e.

Erie County Department of Social Services Announces Fatherhood Connection

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Parenting and Personal Development for Fathers and Father Figures ERIE COUNTY, NY— The Erie Department of Social Services has announced Fatherhood Connection: Men’s Parenting and Personal Development Group.  This 13 week series of classes empowers men of any age, fathers, and father figures to be better parents to the children in their lives.  The Fatherhood