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Success Story

During Hard Times, KEEP CALM and LEAN ON Parent Network of WNY

By March 30, 2022No Comments

Before discovering Parent Network of WNY, Woody and his family were frustrated with the uphill battle they were facing with his daughter’s school district. Woody struggled to get the school district to listen to him while trying to advocate for his daughter and obtain the correct services for his daughter’s needs.

Woody’s daughter had graduated school and Woody believed she should return for one more year. However, since his daughter graduated with a Regents Diploma, the school pushed back and suggested otherwise.

Woody and his family needed a strong advocate for their daughter in order to ensure his daughter would get the education she deserved. Luckily, Woody turned to Parent Network of WNY and was able to gain the support and confidence needed to advocate for his daughter. After receiving the help they needed through Parent Network of WNY, Woody and his family were able to successfully advocate for his daughter, who was then allowed by the school to return for another year.

Woody was also able to lean on Parent Network’s staff and gain support in other areas such as SSI, Self-Directed Services, and various other programs that are offered by the agency to help Woody and his daughter become powerful advocates in their everyday lives.

After being denied SSI for his daughter, Parent Network was able to refer Woody to Mental Health Advocates of WNY so he could file an appeal for SSI. Soon after, Woody received the great news that his daughter had been granted SSI.

Woody and his wife have been able to meet 1 on 1 with Parent Network staff numerous times in the community to discuss the transition process for Woody’s daughter. “It’s easy to get lost in the shuffle of the system, but not with Parent Network!” Woody mentioned while describing his experience working with Parent Network of WNY.

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