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REAL Transition Partners: Vocational Rehabilitation – How, Why & When

By March 29, 2022No Comments

REAL Transition Partners – Preparing for Employment

Vocational Rehabilitation: How, Why & When (Part 1)

Presented by NTACT-The Collaborative

APRIL 26, 2022
11:00AM – 12:30PM

Join us Families, Young Adults with Disabilities & Adult System Representatives

We will discuss:

  • Why, when, and how students and youth can access pre-employment transition services and/or VR services.
  • The difference between pre-employment transition services and Vocational Rehabilitation Services.
  • What is an Individual Plan for Employment (IPE) and the role students, youth, and parents play in the development of it.
  • Knowledge of important and often used jargon related to transition.

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