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Success Story

Everyone Deserves To Feel Supported, Heard, And Understood

By December 21, 2023No Comments

Whitney had no suspicion her son had autism. Logan was always such a happy and easy-going baby, he was always smiling, laughing, and the light of the room. “Logan did not look like autism, or so I thought.” Whitney mentioned. Logan’s doctor advised he should get tested because “he has autism written all over him”. Whitney didn’t understand what the doctor saw in Logan in 3 minutes, that she hadn’t seen in her son in 2 years. It made her feel like a horrible parent, and just concerned about the journey her and Logan were about to embark on for their future lives. After being evaluated, Logan was diagnosed non-verbal autistic. Whitney explained, “I wanted to try to understand what to expect, what to do, what not to do, any and everything I needed to know and that’s when I found Parent Network. I was amazed at the number of trainings and resources available online that related to autism. The moment you open Parent Network’s website, you realize this is the one-stop-shop for resources, support, and programs related to all disabilities. Parent Network is the 411 service for the disability community. This is exactly what I needed in that moment to even begin to understand what my life journey was intended to be.” Whitney decided to join and attend Parent Network’s trainings and after the first training, she was able to learn so much about her son and his diagnosis. “I just wanted what was best for my son and his success. I gained a village within minutes. After joining trainings, it felt like a sense of community being able to connect with other parents who were going through the same thing I was. That felt like a weight off of my shoulders and a sense of relief. Parent Network gave me the tools I needed to be a positive, productive piece in my son’s journey. I couldn’t be more grateful for the never-ending support I receive from Parent Network. It’s an addition to my family I so desperately needed.” After gaining the support Whitney needed to be a strong and confident advocate for her son, she decided to take one more deeper step into the disability world to help others. She is now a support broker for individuals with disabilities in NYS to help others take control of their services and their independent lives. “I get to help families like mine on a daily basis, and I owe it all to the knowledge Parent Network gave me.” Whitney emphasized. Whitney wants others to know, “Your village is waiting for you- they’re at Parent Network. Everyone deserves to feel supported, heard, and understood.”

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