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Success Story

Getting Direct Support From The Parent Network Team Has Been Game Changer

By December 21, 2023No Comments

Before Leah learned about Parent Network, she was struggling getting the right support and access to resources needed for her son Landon who was diagnosed with autism. One year ago, with the help of our eligibility navigator, Leah was able to apply and become eligible for OPWDD. After realizing that Parent Network offered much more than just support with OPWDD, she became really close with our family support specialist and was able to get 1 on 1 support for her other needs. Her family support specialist was able to help Leah apply and receive SSI for Landon as well as join her as a back up support for Landon’s IEP meetings. Not only has Leah been able to receive services for Landon but she has become a huge advocate for her son and his safety. With the help of her family support specialist and being a determined advocate for her son and his needs, her town has approved an autism street sign to be placed in front of her house and has also received a preschool placement through Landon’s school district. Leah never realized how much Parent Network really has to offer for parents, especially parents who have children with special needs such as sensory friendly events for children. “The resources are abundant with how much Parent Network can teach as well as help parents throughout their journey. Parent Network has really opened my eyes to see how much is out there and available for myself to help Landon with his needs. With the help of Parent Network, Landon has really been able to thrive in school and at home. I am grateful I have been able to become more knowledgeable and confident as a parent for a neurodivergent child and have resources at my fingertips. Being able to have a family support specialist and a community to lean on who isn’t in my direct circle and can give me an outside perspective is very heartwarming.” Leah emphasized.

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