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“Something Special” Music Video

By May 22, 2023No Comments

Mindy Davey is a recording artist from New York and released a single called “Something Special”.

The song is a message to her daughter and all special need kiddos. Her daughter Arianna has delays in many areas. At a young age she wasn’t hitting milestones or talking. She would only hum and couldn’t express how she felt. She has sensory issues with food so it’s hard for her to eat basic foods. Her mom found a center called Buffalo Hearing & Speech Center and enrolled her. She received speech therapy, physical therapy, music therapy occupational therapy and a program called food school. While she attended, she started hitting those milestones, started talking-not humming, learned how to handle her emotions and express herself. She now can practically say an entire sentence, express her wants/needs and has many coping mechanisms to help her when she’s overwhelmed. She still receives most therapy but continues to excel in her own speed.

Mindy is motivated to inspire and impact others in a positive way and never wants a child or a person to think they can’t do something because of their disability.

You can do anything you put your mind too no matter how long it takes you to achieve. Mindy believes in spreading love, hope and inspiring others with her music.

Watch the music video for “Something Special” today:

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