Parent Leader Brings Together Niagara Falls Police and Fire Department for Autism Fundraiser

Every year the Niagara Falls Police and Fire Department face off in a hockey game to raise money for a local cause. On March 21, “NFPD VS NFFD,” raised around $3500 for the CASE – Autism Parent Support Group in Niagara County.

Parent Leader Susan Bax, mom of a young boy with Autism and part of the Niagara County Family Support Coalition, was instrumental in bringing the Support Group to the attention of Detective Dan Bird from the Niagara Falls Police Department. “When I was approached by my friend Detective Dan Bird to choose where the charity money should go, I told him about the Autism Support Group they have in Niagara Falls.  It was important to us that the money go directly to the children with Autism in Niagara County,” said Susan Bax.

Susan is part of Parent Network of WNY’s annual and free Parent Leadership Program for parents of children with disabilities. “Having a son with Autism led me to join the Parent Leadership Program offered by the Parent Network of WNY.  It was a wonderful opportunity for me to learn about the different services that are available to families with special needs children. I am now involved with many of them and I am able to offer my support to others that need it,” said Susan Bax. This program prepares parents for leadership roles to better advocate within the educational system for their own children and as parent leaders in the community.

“This is a great example of our Parent Leadership program. Our goal is to give parents the tools they need to make a difference in their community,” said Parent Network of WNY Executive Director Sue Barlow.

Collaboration for Autism Support & Education (CASE) is in partnership with Parent Network of WNY, Early Childhood Direction Center and The Children’s Guild Foundation.

If you are interested in learning more about the Autism Parent Support Groups in your area, please visit the Support Group Calendar.

To become a Parent Leader, apply here by Monday April 27, 2015, for more information please visit Parent Leadership program.